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Many garage door owners understand the importance of taking care of their springs. These components are essential for keeping the door properly balanced and supported. Unfortunately,  they have a limited lifespan, and like many other components, their performance is determined by the conditions under which they operate. If your springs are giving you some trouble or have reached the end of their functional life, you need to get them replaced before they break.

The Main Cause of Failure

Many factors contribute to the deteriorating condition of your springs. The weather, the stress under which they operate and the material they're made of are some of the main ones. Moisture from damp climates is often the cause of the onset of rust on springs, which can quickly spread throughout them and weaken their structure to the point where they are in danger of breaking unexpectedly.

Galvanized and Oil Tempered Springs

Corrosion can spread equally as fast as rust and can be just as devastating to your springs. Galvanized components are coated with a special layer of zinc which allows them to resist both of these issues. Oil tempered torsion springs are treated to a special heating and cooling process that involves oil, and by the end of it they become far more durable and flexible. Both of these types of springs can be an excellent option and will serve you better than their standard counterparts will.

Wearing Down Over Time

The constant stress your springs are under will gradually affect their performance. They may begin to lose their tension, which will cause your door to get off balance. Their condition will also be affected, as their coils will develop distortions and cracks, which will put them in danger of failing without any warning. When you notice the presence of any of these damages, it is best to have your springs replaced as soon as possible.

Regular Spring Maintenance

One of the services our technicians can offer you is routine service appointments, during which we'll lubricate your springs and adjust their tension. This will keep them from overstraining and will make sure their performance remains optimal. As a result, they'll be able to last for much longer, and your garage door will experience fewer accidents.

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